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8 Strategies To Prevent Bird and Window Collisions

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If certain windows on your house seem to be magnets for birds flying into them, you may be wondering how to stop this from happening. The problem occurs because of two glass characteristics. First, it’s reflective – like a mirror – and birds assume what they see in the reflection is a continuation of their natural environment. Second, when the sunlight allows birds to see through the glass, they may get the idea that the inside of the house is a bird-friendly place to be. Read More»

4 Questions You Should Ask About Your Auto Glass Damage

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Few things are more annoying to the owner of a new car (or even a beloved older car) than the appearance of chips, cracks and other damage to their car or truck glass. If you’re fuming over this issue, rest assured that an auto glass shop can restore your vehicle to its former glory. But when you’re ready to bring your car or truck in for an evaluation, make sure you ask the relevant professionals these four important questions. Read More»

3 Ways To Fix Common Types Of Pet Damage On Screen Doors

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Overexcited pets can wreak havoc on a screen door upon spotting something interesting lurking outdoors. Curious cats frequently climb up the screens to obtain a better vantage point for a look across the yard or even just for fun. Rowdy dogs jump up onto the screen door to greet visitors or bark at neighborhood wildlife. After awhile, your screen door will start to show a significant amount of damage. The damage could even impede its function as a bug deflector or barrier against wild creatures lurking outdoors. Read More»